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program coordination show design for marhcng band indoor percussion winter guard


Creating the Big Picture
  • Craft, or refine, a unique identity for your group.

  • More than just music and dots; Create an approachable production that engages audiences

  • Seamless workflow: With Kent managing communication between the design team and band staff, you can focus more on teaching and less on tracking down updates

drill design for band percussion winter guard

Drill Design

  • Student success is at the forefront of Kent's staging design ​

  • Make an impression with drill design that reflects your show concept and story 

  • All designs are crafted to be achievable by students and readable by audiences

  • Kent is happy to work with other program coordinators as a drill designer

electronic sound design for marching arts


Make Waves with a sound that is uniquely yours

  • Increase production value with cinematic sound design and custom preshows 

  • Sound fuller, wider and deeper with well designed sound reinforcement

  • Don’t miss a beat with easy-to-use deliverables

  • Kent is happy to work with other program coordinators as a sound designer

"The Remix"

"The Journey Begins"

"The Monster Inside"

"Are We Alone?"


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